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Office Relocation

Whether you're moving across town or to a larger space within the same building, we're here to help. We take care of your IT equipment to make the transition as seamless as possible.

// The Importance of Getting IT Right A seamless move to your new office

You have chosen a great building in a great location. Everyone in your company is excited, but have you considered the IT requirements for the new office? A move can bring with it many potential pitfalls, such as not having enough network cabling, damaging your desktop or laptop computers and other devices, or losing essential data.

Relocating your office can be a chaotic and stressful experience, but with meticulous planning and a team of IT experts on your side, we can make sure the process will be as seamless as possible.

// Simplify The Move What we can do for you

Asia E-Pros is one of the largest and most trusted IT support and Managed IT service providers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and throughout Malaysia. Office relocation services are just one of the many services we provide to help you succeed – at a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT employee.
In addition to overseeing your relocation, we ensure that everything related to your IT infrastructure is transitioned smoothly so there are no costly employee downtimes and productivity losses. When you engage Asia E-Pros for your office relocation, we guarantee that you will get the following perks:

Comprehensive Moving Plan

We'll create a custom plan of attack that helps track every single piece of technology throughout the entire process

Optimized Layout Design

We'll provide a design that ensures your new location will not be cluttered or negatively impacted by moving your IT infrastructure

Error-Free Move

Cut down on costs and help you move efficiently and without lost profits or productivity time by greatly reducing the frequency of mistakes

// Covering all aspects of a move Why Office Relocation requires IT support

Expanding your building or adding floors can cause an increase in load on your current infrastructure. This is a common issue for most relocations. For example, in order to expand but still maintain the same level of access and quality to your network, you might need additional telecommunications enclosures, more ethernet connections, or more WiFi repeaters.

This makes IT support extremely important during any phase of office transition. There is a lot of network cable you’ll need to run, but you should do that before moving in. We are here to help you plan out how you can expand without sacrificing your networking capabilities.

Get More Space
Expand your office by adding additional workstations, conference rooms, storage, or any other space you need. That's why you need to consider your new location carefully. You want to ensure that you can expand to meet the needs you'll have in five to ten years. Otherwise, you might need to relocate again soon. This is especially crucial if you plan to hire more staff soon and may need to do so again in the future.
Save Money
It may be cheaper to move. This is a fantastic opportunity to cut costs. In fact, there are other aspects to consider besides just the rent. For example, moving into a larger location may cost more money, but a new building may have cheaper utility expenses due to greater insulation and energy-efficient HVAC systems.
Raise Operating Capital
If you’re relocating into a rental space and selling the property you’re currently using, the cash you receive from that sale can give you the operating capital you need to expand, reduce your debt, or use for other needs.
Gain Better Amenities
In some circumstances, moving is preferable to expanding in other ways. For example, you may desire to relocate for better parking or proximity to key clients. Access to major highways, ports, and airports can help your company and its operations. Of course, you'll want to move to a place that offers these features, is the proper size, and helps you save money.
Newer & Updated Enviroment
Working in an older building can affect your monthly utility costs as well as your technology. Older buildings may have outdated wiring. This means either working without all of your equipment or updating the building's wiring and cable. Newer buildings, especially when you can upgrade before moving in, don't have this problem. Newer buildings may also have lower insurance rates.
Find New Customers
Moving to a new area can mean more potential customers. This is especially true for businesses that sell products or services to consumers. A new location may better suit your target market. You may also be leaving a bad area for your business, whether it be low traffic, high crime, or any other issue.
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// A rewarding Relocation The Exciting Thrills Of A Move

We want you to enjoy the relocation and not worry about the little annoyances or problems that come up during a commercial move.

Our customers say

Enhance your organization’s productivity and efficiency with the help of our proactive IT services. The best time to upgrade is today.​ Click to see all our solutions.

// Documentation IT Is Critical For A Successful Relocation

Allow us to collaborate with you to design the ideal layout, ensure that all cabling and wiring is in place, and maximise your overall space utilisation. To learn more about our office relocation services, contact us today.

For many people, moving to a new location can be a significant source of stress, but it does not have to be. You can rest assured that your technology transition is in good hands when you hire Asia E-Pros to provide IT support during your office relocation. Because of how well their previous relocation went, our current clients have contacted us several times. A commercial relocation is also an ideal time to begin your new partnership with Asia E-Pros.

We can help you design and structure your new services, as well as assist you in moving in and maintaining your technology over time. For us, one of the most important aspects of the moving process is to remember that it is not just about moving office furniture or file cabinets. For that, you can hire a moving company. Instead, it’s about relocating your IT network, getting everything back up and running, and ensuring that your technology is operational as soon as possible.

We understand that each day your team is unable to access all of your files and applications is a day when you are not being as productive as you should be. Every day you work like this, you’re losing money.

As a result, commercial office relocation is a process that necessitates careful planning and execution.

Why Relocate?

You don’t want to move your company on the spur of the moment or without careful consideration. There are a number of reasons why relocating, no matter how close or far, could be a bad idea. However, there are a number of reasons why relocating your company now may be the best option. One of the qualities that distinguishes a great business leader is the ability to recognise when the latter is the case rather than the former.

The most common reason for businesses to relocate is that they have outgrown their current office space. You may discover that you need to hire more employees but lack the necessary office space. You may be running out of space to store products or to install new equipment that will help you work more efficiently. Another reason is that it’s past time for a change. If you’re still in the same building where you started your company, it might not be the best fit for you anymore. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the main issue is that it’s time to relocate to a building that meets your current needs rather than the needs you had when you first started your company.

IT Issues to Consider When Relocating

When you move into a new office, you want it to be equipped to handle all of your IT requirements. We’ll help you with all of your IT concerns so that your new space meets both your current and future technological requirements.

If you have a lot of computers and other devices that need to be hard-wired into your network, you may need to run more ethernet cabling through the new space. If you’re moving into a large building with multiple floors, structured cabling to telecommunications enclosures on each floor, as well as backbone cabling between those enclosures and the main equipment room, may be required. Our IT Support Technicians will assist you in planning and installing your new office.

When relocating, there are a few things to think about in terms of technology:

WiFi deployment – Getting a building ready for WiFi takes more than just strewing a few wireless network extenders and routers around. We’ll consider the size of each floor and anything that could interfere with your WiFi signal, such as walls and other electrical installations.

Then we’ll carefully lay out a series of WiFi devices to create a signal blanket that covers the entire area. Our goal is to ensure that there are no areas of the building where wireless connectivity drops or becomes significantly weaker than elsewhere.

Video Conferencing Equipment – If you plan to do video conferencing in a conference room, you may need to install additional cables and equipment. Video screens, projectors, microphones, speakers, and other equipment may be required in these conference rooms.

Even if you don’t intend to use video conferencing, it’s a good idea to have the capability in your conference rooms in case you need it in the future.

Cooling Requirements – If you have a larger server room, it will quickly become very hot inside. Because servers generate a lot of heat, these rooms will need to be cooled to the proper temperature and kept there. Otherwise, your servers may become too hot to handle. We’ll assess your planned server setup as well as the building’s HVAC system to see if it’s sufficient or if it needs to be upgraded.

VoIP – You’ll need a Cat5 ethernet connection near each location where you’ll have a phone if you’re going to use VoIP exclusively for your phones. Standard phone jacks and cable are not compatible with VoIP phones, though you can connect the two and use one connection for both your phone and your VoIP handset.

Rooms for Servers – It’s never a good idea to leave the placement of your servers, telecommunications enclosures, and equipment room to chance during a relocation. Everything must take into account the building’s location, the amount of cabling that will need to be run, the location of the utility company’s internet connection, and other factors.

It is critical to have the right IT support team in place to make informed decisions. We work closely with your team to determine the best locations for these rooms, taking into account your IT infrastructure.

Power Outlets – If you’re moving into an older building, the lack of power outlets may surprise you. Today’s offices have a lot of plugged-in equipment, such as computers, monitors, printers, servers, routers, backup drives, and so on. Using too many power strips can cause circuit overload and other problems. Assessing power requirements and determining if the building’s existing infrastructure can meet those needs is part of our IT support during your relocation. It’s possible that a qualified electrician will be required to perform a partial or complete rewiring of the space.

Expanding Your Current Space

If you’re expanding into more of your current floor or moving into additional floors in the same building, you’ll need to consider your current infrastructure and whether it’s capable of handling the additional load. In the vast majority of cases, it isn’t. To expand while maintaining the same network access and quality, you may need more telecommunications enclosures, more ethernet connections, additional WiFi repeaters, and other support structures.

Expanding can be just as difficult as moving into a new space, especially if the area you’re expanding into isn’t already wired for office use. This is why having proper IT support is so important for your business during any phase of office transition. It’s possible that you’ll need to run a lot of network cable before you can use that space, but it’s always best to do so before you move in. It may be tempting to expand right away, but talk to us first so we can help you figure out how to expand without losing your networking capabilities.

Naturally, there are reasons why you should relocate, as well as reasons why you should not. It can be a risk if your company isn’t financially stable or if your industry is experiencing a downturn. Before deciding to relocate, you should take the time to assess the current state of your company, as well as the state of the industry and the economy. If you do decide that now is the right time to relocate, we’re here to help you make the transition as simple and painless as possible.

Moving Is A Significant Challenge

Transitioning your internet/phone services and ensuring that your emergency services are up to date are two of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. It’s possible that your new office space will require new access points or a completely different cabling system. This is where our knowledge becomes your most valuable asset. We want to make sure that your transition goes smoothly and that your services are not interrupted. The goal is for you to move into your new building and be able to get back to work as soon as possible.

If you use our other services, you can actually make your relocation go even more smoothly. Moving your data backup, disaster recovery, and VoIP phone systems to a new location will be much easier when Asia E-Pros is already managing them. We will be able to quickly set up your hardware, connect it to the cloud, restore your network security, and have your calls directed to the correct handset. The time it takes for you to move will be determined by the availability of outside vendors (cable, electricians, and Internet Service Providers) to complete the necessary installations in the allocated time frame.

Why hire Asia E-Pros?

We know how to properly pack, move, and set up your technology without causing damage. We know the best way to set up an office because of our IT experience. We’ll collaborate with you to figure out the best layout for your new IT offices and make sure you have everything you need. We can also suggest additional hardware and other items that will improve productivity and can be installed and set up now rather than disrupting your daily operations later.

Obviously, the more time we have to prepare for your move, the easier it will be for you. We want to help you create the perfect new location for your business where you have the space and resources needed to grow. Our office relocation service area extends beyond Shah Alam. Customers in Klang, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, and other parts of Selangor can also benefit from our services.


When you relocate your office with us, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your systems and set yourself up for a brighter future. We’d like to hear about all of your IT needs as well as any issues you’ve had in your current location so we can see if we can fix them in your new space. Please contact us right away.

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