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Thermal Screening & Registration System

An all-in-one system for attendance, entrance registration, door access, temperature reading, and visitor management.

// Thermal Screening and Entrance The first layer of defense for your employees

Our complete, setup-for-you thermal scanning and registration solution rapidly scans employees in under three seconds for rapid and safe entry. Our walk-through thermal scanner intelligently scans employee temperatures and works with existing systems such as attendance and more.
100% Non-Contact

Contactless and safe

Accurate & Reliable

Gain peace of mind

Quick Measuring

Fast operational flow

// Fully non-contact Screening system Thermographic screening for fever and masks

Keep track of employees and visitors for contact tracing by using automatic, contactless temperature screening with mask detection and facial recognition (in under 2 seconds). 

This solution is best suited for:

// Protection for the ones you love Why do I need this?

When used correctly in a thermal scanning checkpoint, thermal imaging systems can accurately measure someone’s surface skin temperature without being physically close to the person being evaluated. 

Our thermal scanning solution also comes with built-in features that help you process employers and visitors more efficiently. Here are the benefits that you stand to receive when you employ Asia E-Pros’s leading Thermal Scanning solution in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor:

Keep Your Workplace Safe

Minimize risk of Covid-related disruptions while assuring employees of a safe work environment.

Record & Report

Keep track of every person entering your building, including temperature scans, face recognition and ID.

Reduce Operational Delays

Extremely beneficial for companies with 50+ employees because it scans rapidly for instant results.

// Built For Safety & Efficiency Features:

Contactless Thermal Screening

Voice Alerts, Fever & Face Mask Detection, 100% contactless.
Detection distance: 0.3 to 2 m
Temp Range: 30 °C to 45 °C

Full-Service Partnership

We provide a full-stack service and partnership, with services that include: remote access troubleshooting, installation, training, and dismantling.

Contact Tracing & Analysis

The scanner intergrates with MySejahtera app and complies with Government SOPs to allow your employees to come back to work and feel safe.

No Need For Manual Operation

No additional intervention or supervision required as with handheld temperature guns. Our thermal imaging solution runs automatically once setup.

Flexible Installation Environments

The system can be used alone, or parallel to MySejahtera, existing door access systems, turnstiles, visitation systems, attendance systems, and more.

Strategically Structured

The system can be installed in any facility - strategically near entrances - following deployment guidelines while facilitating rapid and accurate screenings.

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// Documentation The first line of defence to avoid infection spread

Learn more about Asia E-Pros’s thermal imaging solution and how you can use it to benefit your business.

How does it work?


1. Fill in the Self-Declaration Form

  • Pre-Registration via Link (via the link provided by your host)
  • On-the-Spot Registration via QR Code (placed at Point of Entry)
  • All employees and visitors will be required to declare their travel history and current health status by completing a self-declaration form. All information collected will be used in accordance to PDPA.

2. Take a selfie/ Upload a photo

  • Upon registration, you will be required to upload a photo/selfie of yourself for verification purposes.

3. Verification and Fever Detection

  • Upon arrival, head over to the terminal. It uses facial recognition to retrieve your appointment details (based on the photo you submitted in Step 2) & simultaneously detects your temperature – storing it in your appointment details.

4. Advice by the reception

  • Scenario 1 : Healthy visitors can proceed for appointment
  • Scenario 2 : Unhealthy/ Suspected visitors will not be allowed to proceed for an appointment and to be escorted to an isolated zone for further verification.

5. Comprehensive security from hackers, viruses, and other threats

  • The flexibility to add new capabilities as needed without expensive upgrades
  • A system where employees can share ideas more easily and work more efficiently
  • Cost-savings in terms of software running on central servers
  • Improved storage efficiency and volume

Our product partners

Businesses around the world are reopening and resuming operations, which means people are getting back to work and their daily routines. Today’s technologies are being applied in practical ways that will help people in the real world, making it easier than ever to keep people safe, healthy, and protected. 

Deep Learning technologies from HikVision are easy to integrate into security and access control systems. It can be used for social distancing, crowd and traffic control, mask detection, access control and attendance tracking, and even temperature detection. 


Where can I use this thermal scanning solution?

With a modular and scalable design, almost every industry application – from schools to hospitals as well as retail and office environments – will find what they need with this solution. HikVision solutions can safeguard and enhance any work area, whatever the application – today, tomorrow, and forever more.


Features in Asia E-Pros’s thermal imaging and registration system

  • With artificial intelligence, our thermographic cameras only detect human skin surface temperature, reducing false alarms from other sources of heat.
  • To ensure accuracy, a compensation algorithm ensures the ambient temperature and distance of the target are adjusted to compensate for each other.
  • Audio alarms are automatically triggered when high skin temperature is detected, keeping operators informed in real time.
  • Face mask detection relies on intelligent analytics to detect the presence of a mask using face shape data.


The thermal scanning device

By using face recognition and thermographic technologies, the MinMoe touch-free temperature screening terminal from HIKVision makes it easier for people to access a building, record attendance, and simultaneously monitor the temperature without having to touch a terminal or gate.

The touch-free nature of this terminal makes access easier and safer. It is suitable to be used for screening temperature for a long period of time with access control for scenarios that have high foot traffic. Furthermore, it can be configured so users can ‘self-check’ their temperature.


  • Temperature measuring range: 30°C – 45°C; accuracy: 0.1 ° C, deviation: ± 0.5 °C
  • Identification distance: 0.3m – 2.0m
  • Displays temperature results and alerts users if there is an abnormal temperature
  • Alert when the mask is not worn
  • Support temperature screening of people who wear mask
  • Face recognition speed <0.2s; accuracy rate over 99%
  • Recognition in low-light environments, even in complete darkness
  • Less chance of disease transmission than fingerprint touch

How can I monitor the temperature screening process?

With HikCentral, a proprietary client to manage, monitor, and analyse data collected from thermal screens. Here, you can check temperature and mask statistics for all or staff-only with visual, easy-to-read reports. You’ll also be able to configure for attendance report and one-click correction for people with abnormal temperature.


Is temperature scanning still important, now that the vaccine is here?

Whatever virus variants or vaccination boosters may be developed in the future, most employers and employees, as well as teachers and students now accept that keeping sick people out of the workplace or out of groups is just a matter of common sense. If anyone is going to have a high fever in your office, school, or waiting room, why would you want them there?

There will be continued concern about employee and visitor wellbeing in the post-pandemic era, regardless of how things turn out. A sick worker shouldn’t be in a workplace or within an area. Employees want assurance that there will be no sick people in the workplace when they return

Even more importantly, screenings of people with high temperatures (viral or bacterial) are even more crucial because most buildings do not have adequate air exchange systems that can prevent others from getting sick and thus obstructing productivity.

Implementing thermal solutions is a sign that employers care about the health of their employees. Employees realize that the screening of visitors keeps them safer as well. Employee health screenings are becoming the new standard for building safety and employee wellbeing.


Final notes

Asia E-Pros’s temperature-screening technologies enable rapid preliminary screening of public places by detecting skin-surface temperatures. Further confirmation of actual core body temperatures should be made with a clinical measurement device. In any case, in order to implement our thermal detection solution, we must comply with local laws and regulations (we will handle this part during the project discussion).


At Asia E-Pros, we have a full team of IT and intergration experts to guide you to the right solution and fully manage it, giving you uninterrupted peace of mind.

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