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Let the experienced professionals here at Asia E-Pros provide you with network infra and services that adapt to your current and future needs.

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Your network infrastructure is an integral part of your overall IT system. It must be stable, resilient, and flexible enough to meet your future needs. This includes all your network migration, network implementations, wireless infrastructure, WAN implementations and various deployments to help your company grow. Asia E-Pros has extensive experience in installing and customizing networks for our clients. Get in touch today.


Not sure which solution suits you best? Don’t worry about it. It’s a common question and we get it a lot. Just get in touch with us and let us propose a value offering that will help you overcome all your IT challenges and save you money in the long run.

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Asia E-Pros has installed reliable, high-performance networks for over 30 years. We specialize in network solutions that fit your current workflow and are easy to upgrade or expand in the future.  

What Is Network Infrastructure?

A network infrastructure consists of all of the resources within a network that enable network or internet connectivity, management, business operations, and communication. Hardware and software, systems and devices constitute the network infrastructure, which enables computing and communication between users, services, applications, and processes.

All network components, from servers to wireless routers, make up a system’s network infrastructure. The network infrastructure enables effective communication and service between users, applications, services, devices and so on.

The importance of a reliable network

Although it’s important to have reliable IT infrastructure and qualified people, neither are sufficient without a solid network infrastructure. Business success depends on connectivity and communication, both of which are enabled by a network infrastructure. In other words, IT components, including hardware and software, aren’t much use without a sound network infrastructure. A robust, secure, and clean network infrastructure is critical to organizational excellence.

Best Form and Function

The network design is just as important as the implementation. It is not the type of project that you can slap together and run some cables along a wall.

A good network installation service won’t just function well, it will also look good. You want your office to look professional and well-designed if prospective clients or partners are visiting. Cable bundles and network devices shouldn’t be awkwardly staged. This process involves a lot of time and dedication at the beginning, as well as refinement as we go along. Aesthetics are just as important as function when it comes to your network design. With Asia E-Pros, a leading network provider in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, you’re getting a winning combination of form and function.

The attention to detail demonstrated here is another reason to partner with a company like Asia E-Pros for your networking needs. Our Selangor and Kuala Lumpur network consultants understand the importance of doing the legwork to make your network look aesthetically pleasing.

server systems cables

By partnering with us, you are choosing a Malaysian expert who knows how to design, build, and implement networks that provide excellent performance while blending seamlessly into the aesthetics of your workplace. In all of our Network offerings, our goal is to create a network that seems to disappear so seamlessly into your office background, as if it wasn’t even there.

If your business relies on WiFi or the cloud for any part of its IT infrastructure, then it must have adequate Internet capability, strong firewalls, and appropriate device layouts. For small and quick businesses, these options are great, but they require a lot of bandwidth. In an old network, you may be straining out the current lines just by doing business each day. Additionally, with ever-changing compliance requirements, it is imperative to ensure every bit of information you store is as secure as possible. Updated networks can help to meet these requirements.

Asia E-Pros offers wireless installation services. Therefore, you are always ready for changing data needs, regardless of how they fluctuate. Whether you have a small business with only a few employees or a large corporation that needs extensive networks, we offer network installation services to meet your needs.

Save Money With Our Network Solutions

Many people are surprised to learn that proper network installation is actually a cost-effective option. It will make a significant difference in the years to come if it is done correctly the first time. Having a well-designed network from the start will help prevent service interruptions for repairs and future additions or upgrades will be easier to implement. It is also possible to combine our network installation with other services, such as network security and structured cabling installation, right from the start.

Each opportunity we are presented allows us to learn more about how to network your building or business to a more functional level. Each new advance in technology or new network configuration offers us the chance to discover tips or tricks that can give your Network Installation a new edge to better serve your business. We start with a solid foundation for your network, but we can take a wide number of routes to flesh that network out for optimal performance. Everything depends on the needs of your business. Imagine being able to respond almost instantly to customer needs. Would that benefit your business? Professional network services from Asia E-Pros will enable you to achieve that.

Expand on your current network

As we go through the network installation, we can address growth opportunities while also ensuring your business is prepared for the future. We love giving our clients the technological edge to keep them ahead of the game! If you want to find out more about what we can add to your network please give us a call or use the contact button to submit your query. Let us see what options there are for you, and we’ll be happy to explain them to you.

We can also help with a few other network services, if you need them. Here are a few:

  • Designing your data room if you do not currently have one, but your business has grown to the point of needing one.
  • Relocating your data room so that it is fully networked into your current system without missing any information or reducing the security your network needs to have. Or potentially even removing your data room entirely and moving it to the public or our private cloud!
  • Upgrading from older cables, such as CAT-5 to CAT-6a; to newer cabling options enabling 10Gbps backbones and beyond. These cables are faster than the older, more outdated options many companies currently have in place.
  • Setting up a data center in your business if you never had one before. This allows us to ensure that your information is safe and secure before it even goes online. We are passionate about being one of the top cybersecurity firms in the Los Angeles area.
  • Ongoing support is also something we can help with. It may not be enough for you to have us build your network. If you need someone to continuously make upgrades or changes for you, then we can help with that, too.

Our experienced professionals are also available to help clients who are unsure what to include in their network. We have helped companies such as yours establish a modern, secure network. We can advise you on what type of hardware and software would be best for your business. We can also explain the advantages of different options. Because we work directly with other companies, we know how they operate. You can take advantage of this knowledge. When your goal is to have the most reliable, secure network, the professionals of Asia E-Pros can make it happen.

On Time and on budget

Our services are completed within your budget constraints as well as on time, which is another benefit of choosing Asia E-Pros. We will show up at the scheduled time and work within the budget we set forth at the beginning of the project. In the event that something unexpected happens along the way, we will make sure you are kept informed so that you can adjust accordingly. Initially, we cannot guarantee that your building will be a good place for networking. Our only guarantee is a network that is as powerful and reliable as you need it to be at the end of the project.

Network installation is critical to your business in terms of transferring data of all types and communicating with your customers. That is something we do not want to delay in any way because we both know that time is money. Because of this, we make sure that each job is completed correctly the first time. 

Every project is different. We take a unique approach because we hope to help you with your present and future needs. It makes no sense for us to try to meet the needs of a company other than our own. Instead, we listen to what you want and need, and tailor our network installation plan exactly to your needs.


Not sure which solution suits you best? Don’t worry about it. It’s a common question and we get it a lot. Just get in touch with us and let us propose a value offering that will help you overcome all your IT challenges and save you money in the long run.

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