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Gain the confidence, control and scale you need to address security challenges with end-to-end cyber security solutions from Asia E-Pros and our global partners.

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How much time do you spend worrying about the security of your business? The only way to stop attacks before damage is done is to detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively. But that’s easier said than done. 

Asia E-Pros security experts have combined with our global partners to offer fully-integrated security solutions that are designed to provide confidence, control, and scale across all your endpoints, networks, and cloud.

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Antivirus & Malware Protection

Blocks unknown threats and protects against ransomware with a cloud security platform and threat intelligence

Endpoint Intelligent Detection and Response

Stop a wide range of attacks with a combination of deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, and anti-ransomware – go beyond prevention to detect additional threats and respond with confidence

Data Encryption, Archiving, Secure File Transfer

Enable compliance with a full suite of email security solutions and protect the most vital communication tool in your organization: email

Security Prevention & Intrusion Detection

Protect against malicious threats with an integrated intrusion detection and prevention engine with robust security features that are easy to deploy and manage

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Reduce cybersecurity breaches and improve user experience by providing access to all critical applications, for any user, from anywhere

Password Management

Receive 1-click website logins and consolidated website bookmarks so you don’t have to waste time trying to remember passwords – users will have stronger passwords which are requested and frequently changed

Mobile Device Management

Reduce liability and chances for a data breach by protecting and securing resources and data from different user devices

Security Awareness Training

Cyber security threats are at an all-time high and users need to be trained and remain on their toes with security top of mind

Not sure which solution suits you best? Don’t worry about it. It’s a common question and we get it a lot. Just get in touch with us and let us propose a value offering that will help you overcome all your IT challenges and save you money in the long run.

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of Malaysian SMEs fell victim to a cyberattack in 2019, costing over RM52 Billion total economic loss

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// the confidence of cyber resilience Let your business thrive in safety

Cyber attacks never sleep, but with Asia E-Pros, you can rest assured that your data and IT assets are safe, secure and available. We help you fight cyber threats using secure infrastructure and devices, comprehensive threat detection, and data protection solutions.

The cyber threat landscape is continually growing and becoming more complicated, and most businesses lack the cyber security tools and capacity to keep security measures up to date in-house. Because it is now easier than ever for hackers to launch an assault, firms face increasing risk and unpredictability. As a result, breaches and successful attacks can cost businesses millions of dollars, not to mention the damage to your brand’s reputation.

One of Asia E-Pros’ key responsibilities has always been to ensure that your technology works for you rather than against you. Cybersecurity is a critical component of this procedure. We want your security architecture to be a stable platform on which you can build your success, rather than a rigid cage that gets in your way. All of your security services are in place to safeguard the integrity of your systems and secure your productivity.

Make no mistake, you are a target

At Asia E-Pros, we recognise that your organisation is a possible target for hackers regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you operate. It makes no difference how big or little your organization is, or how much sensitive data you have—you can still be a target. In fact, some hackers specifically target these smaller businesses because they lack strong security. Others target them for practice or to see if they can compromise the company’s security.

In Malaysia, we see SMEs being common targets for cybercriminals out to make quick bucks. Email fraud, invoice fraud, and ransomware are the most commonly seen threats for local businesses, often costing upwards of RM100,000 per incident (and that’s just the direct cost!).

Everyone is a target when it comes to viruses and malware. An employee may download a malicious file or fall victim to a phishing hoax. Malware assaults can affect everyone because they are designed to spread swiftly and without regard for specific targets.

That’s why we make the effort to create a strong security solution that constantly monitors your network for dangers like viruses and malware at every level. We defend your mission-critical data as if it were our own, from firewall systems that filter out external threats to access control platforms that keep internal data secure.

The ramifications of a breach/hack

If your business relies on its network for day-to-day operations, you cannot afford downtime caused by a data breach. Even if your organisation does not rely entirely on your network to run, you still have critical data that must be safeguarded. Data breaches can easily lead to a variety of heinous outcomes:

Revenue loss – Moment is money, and any time your business isn’t running at top efficiency, you’re losing money. When your network is down, even if it has no immediate impact on your revenue stream, your team is unable to work at their normal pace. Your marketing team may not have access to graphics, and your research team may not be able to access previous studies. While you are not losing money as a result of this, you are losing time, which can be just as essential.

Missed opportunities – Few other businesses will want to collaborate with someone who does not have a secure network. If you have a data breach or another cyber-attack and word gets out to your present and potential business partners, you may lose those relationships. In fact, many businesses now demand third-party vendors to achieve particular security standards before they will do business with them. Trying to conceal the fact that you’ve been a victim of an attack, on the other hand, is even worse because that information may eventually leak. Even worse, you appear untrustworthy and unprepared to protect sensitive data.

Damaged reputation – A data breach not only harms your reputation with other firms, but it also harms your general public image. Clients may no longer want to deal with you, particularly if some of their personal information was stolen as part of the hack. Potential customers may look to one of your competitors, while current customers may be hesitant to continue working with you. In the end, this damage may be more severe than any immediate loss. Even if no data was stolen, when consumers find that your network security has been hacked, they may lose trust in your ability to deal with future cyberattacks successfully.

Noncompliance fines — Depending on your industry, you may incur noncompliance fees if you’ve been hacked and it can be demonstrated that your system did not satisfy the needed security criteria. These fees can also be highly pricey, leaving your company in grave financial straits.

All of these scenarios are frequently encountered combined. When you add lawsuits to non-compliance fees, income loss, and damage to your company’s reputation, it can be nearly hard to recover. Your company may just lack the financial capacity to pay all of these fines while also rebuilding its security and absorbing the loss of business partners and consumers. Even those who are able to recover are frequently forced to scale back potential expansion plans for years.

A team of cybersecurity professionals managing your network defenses is the best approach to keep your business safe. At Asia E-Pros, we have the hands-on knowledge and abilities necessary to build and continuously improve a security platform tailored to your network and operations. We have years of experience developing network security technologies for a wide range of industries. We take into account all of the essential industry requirements, as well as cybersecurity best practices to create a system that not only meets but exceeds all expectations. Your employees can concentrate on what they do best while we address any security concerns.

Common dangers to your business

There are many distinct kinds of viruses and malware. Many individuals group these problems under the umbrella term “cyberthreats”. Because these types of attacks are so ill-defined, it’s easy to dismiss them as less dangerous than they are. It is easier to grasp how risks might hurt your organization once you understand what types of threats exist. The following are some of the most common malware-based cyber attacks:

Viruses – While most people think of viruses as separate entities, they are in fact a sort of malware. Viruses aren’t as common as they once were, but they’re still around. The only type of malware that truly infects and ruins files is a virus. This makes dealing with them tough because the actual file must be cleared and then fixed.

Ransomware – Because it is newer than other types of malware, ransomware is one of the most destructive sorts of malware. It is also one that many people are unaware of until they fall victim to it. Ransomware attacks and encrypts the entire machine or network. Users are unable to access or log in to their accounts. They are informed that they must pay a ransom to regain access to their data, but there is no guarantee that those who do pay the ransom will have their access returned.

Spyware – This form of malware doesn’t do anything bad right away, but it does hide in your computer and log everything a person does. This means it records every keystroke they make, including their usernames and passwords. This data is subsequently transferred to the hacker, who now has access to your network.

Adware – While it may appear to be innocent in compared to other types of malware, it is nevertheless harmful. Many adware programmes contain spyware. Others drive browsers to phishing websites in order to obtain usernames, passwords, and other account information. Adware also has a tendency to significantly slow down computers, particularly those that have multiple pieces of adware on them.

Trojans – programmes that appear to be legitimate yet contain malicious coding. These trojan horse programmes are among the oldest types of malware, yet they are still in use today and are extremely dangerous. Some of the most sophisticated trojans are practically indistinguishable from legal programmes and may mislead even the most seasoned IT professionals. Once installed, the secret code begins stealing information, encrypting data, or disabling your security mechanisms.

Fileless Malware – Fileless malware is a newer and more dangerous type of malware. This malware is incapable of infecting files or file systems. It exists instead in memory or as non-file objects used by the operating system. From there, it can infect running programmes or exploit operating system utilities to perform a variety of harmful actions. These assaults are also more difficult to detect since they do not occur in files.

Social Engineering Fraud 

Viruses and malware are still very prevalent and dangerous today. But what’s become an even larger threat is the ever-growing frequency of social engineering attacks. 

Social engineering attacks happen when hackers influence employees into providing sensitive information, usually resulting in loss of corporate or customer funds, money, or privacy information. Hackers take advantage of human nature to gain access to a target company’s personnel. Social engineering typically entails an email or other kind of contact that creates a sense of urgency in the victim, prompting the victim to cooperate. 

Criminals use social engineering techniques because it is usually easier to exploit your natural tendency to trust than it is to figure out how to hack your system. For example, it is far easier to trick someone into giving you their password than it is for you to attempt to hack their password (unless the password is really weak).

Knowing who and what to trust is key to security. It is critical to understand when and when not to accept someone at their word, and when the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be. The same is true for commercial transactions and communications: when do you trust that the person or organization with whom you are communicating is legitimate or is safe to disclose your information?

Any of our security professionals will tell you that the weakest link in the security chain is the human who takes someone or a situation at face value. It makes no difference how many locks and deadbolts you have on your doors and windows, or whether you have guard dogs, alarm systems, floodlights, barbed wire fences, or armed security personnel; if you trust the person at the gate who says he is the GrabFood delivery rider and let him in without first checking to see if he is legitimate, you are completely exposed to whatever risk he represents.

Companies can lessen their chance of falling victim to such scams by educating their employees to be on the lookout for such approaches.

How we can help you with business security

We can tailor a security solution to your team’s specific needs, no matter how they utilise computers and other network devices. At the same time, our cybersecurity professionals take pride in staying up to date on the latest security risks and advances to keep your organisation one step ahead of cybercriminals. We can design a security solution that keeps everything locked down and secure, whether you utilise largely mobile devices that connect over WiFi, have a wired desktop computer in every office, or employ a combination of the two. These security solutions are designed to evolve alongside your firm and new kinds of attack, allowing them to be easily updated when necessary.

We define all of your industry-specific risks and operational weaknesses as the initial step in our cybersecurity development process. Even if you’ve done this before, it’s critical that we audit your security since we offer a fresh viewpoint to the table. As an outsider, we may notice something that your team hasn’t noticed before. We may also identify vulnerabilities that have only recently been discovered and that your IT team has not yet had the opportunity to learn about. Even the most secure network can have flaws, according to an outside observer.

Our staff is able to reinforce any gaps in your defences while optimising performance by identifying your network’s strengths and weaknesses. Be Structured guarantees your team has the tools it needs to be safe in today’s connected world, from adopting technologies that protect your network from ransomware to teaching your team to spot social engineering tactics employed by fraudsters.

Here’s what you get with Asia E-Pros’s cybersecurity solutions for businesses in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia:

Enjoy peace of mind with proactive protection that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – Our services continuously monitor your systems and respond proactively to any threat or attack. You will have the confidence to focus on your business since you will know that your IT security is in good hands.

Determine the best solution for your threat profile – Our portfolio includes a variety of services to meet your specific security requirements. We will personally assist you in selecting the best solution from our extensive product range, so you can rest comfortable that your organisation is secure.

Customize your cyber security – All of our services can be tailored to battle specific cyber security threats and safeguard your systems. Set up particular profiles and rules to efficiently neutralise risks, and integrate various information and analytics into our dashboards for a complete picture at all times.

Spend less money – Our cyber security services safeguard you from intrusions and attacks on your systems that would otherwise go undetected. Because malicious traffic is reduced and threats are proactively addressed, you will avoid the high costs of a company disruption and other damages.

If you’re ready to start taking a more proactive approach to your organization’s security, the team at Asia E-Pros is here for you. Identify security vulnerabilities with our team and deploy holistic solutions, all while we manage updates, upgrades, and monitoring. Your team can get back to business with Asia E-Pros knowing that your security is in capable hands. In addition, our antimalware and antivirus solutions work well with our other managed services, so we are a one-stop-shop for all of your organization’s IT needs. Let’s get started today.


Not sure which solution suits you best? Don’t worry about it. It’s a common question and we get it a lot. Just get in touch with us and let us propose a value offering that will help you overcome all your IT challenges and save you money in the long run.

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