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Microsoft 365 Migration & Management

Move to the cloud securely, seamlessly, on time, and on budget.

// Compute the smart way This is the future of productivity

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that combines all of your favourite business productivity tools into one easy-to-manage platform. While practically every company has heard of Microsoft 365, not every company is using it to its full potential.

This is where Asia E-Pros can help. We know the ins and outs of Microsoft products, from deployments to data security and administration (we’ve been doing this for decades!). Read on to find out how to migrate to MS 365 in the easiest way possible.

// A reliable process from start to end It's All About A Smooth Transition With Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Migrations to Microsoft Office 365 might be a complicated process, but the services we provide make it easier.

The process begins with us producing a map of your present data, which we then overlay into the new application. This helps us ensure that all of your data has been properly re-formatted and is compatible with the new cloud environment. We start the transfer once everything is drawn out.

Our professionals will keep a close eye on the entire procedure to ensure that everything runs well. Our efforts will ensure that your move goes smoothly and without causing any disruption to your everyday operations.

// A full suite of benefits Why Microsoft Office 365?

// All-Encompassing Data Backup and Recovery Features of Microsoft 365:

Access Files From Anywhere

Microsoft 365 combines the power of cloud computing with a wide suite of mobile apps, allowing employees to be productive while travelling, on-site, or working remotely

Secure Cloud Storage

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a number of built-in security safeguards to protect your company's data, such as encrypted email, data loss prevention and more.

Improved Communication

You can hold conference calls and meetings with employees and external agencies from anywhere in the world with Microsoft 365, so that your team is always connected.

Spending Within Budget

Paying per user, each month ensures a consistent outlay and allows you to plan your IT budget for the coming year. Upgrades are also already included in the price of your licences.

Continuity Of Operations

Your email, files, and data are all safely kept on the cloud, regardless of what happens to your physical devices, ensuring business as usual in any situation.

Automation of Intelligent Processes

Microsoft 365 provides you with ready-to-use web forms, workflow management, and data storage that help you automate business operations quickly.

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Equip your modern workplace with the latest secure collaboration tools, including productivity apps, business-class file sharing, chat, calling, and video conferencing – all in one secure solution.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that combines a variety of productivity tools in a simplified platform that is easy to manage. Although most businesses are familiar with Microsoft 365, not all businesses are taking advantage of its full potential by migrating over.

Businesses and operations must migrate to Microsoft Office 365 at some point. Migration refers to the process of switching from one application to another. There are many reasons for this. Among them are technological advancements and the need for upgrade. Every day, technology advances, and we gain new capabilities. This makes data migration an essential part of your business’ evolution. The process will be required when the old tools become obsolete and new ones become available.

There’s a challenge, though, when you need a cloud productivity suite for your company, but don’t know where to start when it comes to migrating data.

Asia E-Pros can assist you in this situation. We know the ins and outs of Microsoft products, from deployments to data security and administration (we’ve been doing this for decades!). Utilizing our expertise, we help our customers get the most from Microsoft 365 while simplifying management.

We can bolster best-in-class security, accelerate end-user acceptance, expedite migration and consolidation, and remain on top of the resources you need, all while maximizing what you’ve invested, with Asia E-Pros migrating and managing your Microsoft 365 infrastructure.


What does Microsoft Office 365 offer me?

New Deployments

  • Getting M365 up and running for enterprises who have never utilised Microsoft products before
  • We use Microsoft Azure AD for hybrid and serverless identity management setups


  • Mailbox management that’s done for you
  • Software for endpoints (Outlook)
  • Hybrid/on-premise Exchange
  • Password reset for new user
  • Data security

One Drive

  • Synchronization of personal and end-user data
  • Redirection of your profile
  • Cloud storage can help you save money on local storage

Subscription & License Management

  • Self-service site created specifically for you
  • Notifications about billing, a dashboard, estimates, and more
  • Windows 10 installation, upgrade, and patching
  • Tracking and deploying licences
  • Licensing for remote desktops and tracking of compliance

Teams And Collaboration

  • Chat, video, a planner, file sharing, and more are all available with Microsoft Teams

Sharepoint Management

  • Organization file share and accessibility management


  • Implementation of MFA/SSO
  • Best practises for tenant hardening
  • Filtration of spam
  • Best practises for security and permissions
  • Litigation and compliance

User Training Programs

  • Employees are being taught how to use Microsoft products
  • IT personnel are being educated on how to handle end-user entitlements
  • Customized instruction is available

Custom Projects

  • You are the only one who knows what you require. We are available to assist you with any Microsoft 365-related issues

Exceptional Productivity

  • Meetings can be held online, over the phone, or in person
  • Collaborate with Office programmes by sharing documents in the cloud.
  • Email and calendar exchanges are available

Security at the highest level

  • Protect yourself from cyber-threats
  • Improve the security of customer information
  • Assist with the protection of your devices
  • Users and gadgets should be managed


  • Boost user efficiency.
  • Save money on automation and IT.
  • Reduce the expense of security concerns by consolidating vendor spending

How is the migration process?

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of data transfer, there are a few different approaches to take.

  • Cutover migration
  • Staged migration
  • Hybrid migration

Hybrid migration to Office 365 allows you to keep your on-premises and online mailboxes as we gradually migrate your services to the Office 365 application. At the end of the day, no matter how you migrate, we’ll give your team access to all the Office applications, from the basics like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to more complex apps such as Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams.

The setup and configuration will be performed by our experts, who will also provide support when needed. The objective of Asia E-Pros has always been to solve your challenges. Data migrations to services like Office 365 are one of the ways we prevent future problems and ensure the long-term viability of your operations.


How to start with Microsoft Office 365

It’s never been easier to manage or adopt Microsoft products. The days of expensive one-time purchases are over, and the software-as-a-service model has taken their place.

Microsoft 365 just requires a monthly subscription and licence for each user, making growing as easy as adding a new user and giving them access to your company. Users may be added and removed, and permissions can be changed all from one place, and automatic patching and updates keep your environment secure and functional.

You don’t have to pay for pricey on-premise hosting either because Microsoft 365 can be hosted in the cloud. If you’re looking for an all-in-one productivity package for your company, the combination of scalability and cost savings from Microsoft 365 is a no-brainer.

To start, simply get in touch with us. Asia E-Pros is Malaysia’s leading expert in Office 365 migration. With our help, many businesses in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have migrated to Office 365 and taken advantage of its competitive power and advanced mailbox features.

Why migrate with Asia E-Pros

Increased Cooperation

We’ll help your team make the most of Microsoft 365’s powerful collaboration tools. Incorporating task automation and communication strategies for better collaboration, faster delivery, and higher client satisfaction.

Spend less on licenses.

Continual license optimization has saved customers like you thousands. Not every user needs every app available. We look at user roles and use cases to determine the best license mix so you can focus on growing your business.

Increased Security

Microsoft 365 has over 1,000 security and privacy controls. Our security experts will help secure your Microsoft 365 environment with strict information governance standards and access controls.

Ready-to-Help Team

Our admins are on stand-by for end-to-end support. We can help you troubleshoot issues, add or remove users, reset passwords, create groups, update spam filters, and more.

Always Connected

Whether on a plane, at home, or using their phone to collaborate on the go, your team will always be a few clicks or taps away from the information they need.


Why should I get Microsoft Office 365?

For a firm to succeed, efficiency is critical. Any organization may become more effective by being able to develop, collaborate, and communicate in a seamless manner. Having access to productivity tools that allow workers to accomplish their jobs more simply – and from any location – allows businesses to be more adaptable and competitive in their industry.

Because Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based, users can access the complete suite of features from any location, on any device, as long as they’re connected to the internet. It’s a must-have for any business because the products complement each other and function together flawlessly.

Here are some of Office 365’s most important features.

Access Files From Anywhere

With Office 365, your company may keep all of its files on the cloud. This means they may be accessed from any device with an internet connection, from any location.

Microsoft 365 combines the power of cloud computing with a comprehensive suite of mobile apps, allowing employees to be productive while traveling, on-site, or working remotely. Microsoft 365 apps are free for tiny mobile devices and focus on individual applications (Word, Excel, Teams, and so on). However, depending on your company’s demands, you may want to look beyond these commonplace apps to establish a fully mobile digital workplace.

You can, for example, construct a PowerApps-based application that is available from any mobile device. Other programs, including Planner, SharePoint, and OneDrive, have their own applications that work well together. Because of the capabilities of these apps, you can concentrate on executing your organization’s mission rather than worrying about whether or not your workforce is remaining connected and productive while on the go.

Being able to access all of the apps and files you need when you’re not in the office is invaluable for companies that value mobile working.

Cloud Storage that is safe and secure

One of the most common misunderstandings about the Cloud is that it is unsafe. In truth, it’s just as secure as an on-premise solution. It all depends on how you utilize it and the security measures you implement.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a number of built-in security safeguards to protect your company’s data. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Encrypted email: This protects your email from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.
  • Data Loss Prevention: This is a collection of procedures that monitors and prevents sensitive data (such as social security numbers) from leaving your firm via email. In this post, we’ve broken it down even further.
  • Management of Mobile Devices: To protect company information, you can use these capabilities to regulate Microsoft Office 365 on your employees’ phones. If an employee’s phone is lost or stolen, it can be remotely deleted to prevent unauthorized access to company information.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA detects and alerts you to suspicious behavior on your network using analytics and machine learning. What’s our favorite part of all of this? It will check emails as they arrive on your network for harmful links and attachments, and if it detects anything suspicious, it will block the hazardous attachment from entering your network. Your employees will still receive the email, but they will receive an explanation as to why the attachment is missing. This can help to prevent a data leak caused by human error.

When you use Microsoft Office 365, you can run your business without worrying about security.

Improved communication

Microsoft Office 365 provides customers with options to keep communication in Skype and Outlook centralized and simple. You can hold conference calls and meetings with employees and external agencies from anywhere in the world with Skype for Business, so you can always cooperate and communicate regardless of location or time difference. Teams has an instant messaging feature that allows users to contribute comments and upload files at the same time, which is excellent for cross-departmental collaboration and document co-authoring.

On Teams, you may also ‘at’ (@) people so that they are notified when a comment is directed at them. All of these capabilities allow you to stay in touch with teams and individuals at all times, regardless of where they are situated.

Yammer is a Microsoft Office 365 service that functions as a form of social network for your company. You may instantaneously message your whole workforce by posting to your company’s ‘news feed,’ and employees will receive an email reminder when a new post is made, ensuring that messages are not missed. Anyone can leave a comment on a post, and you can use Yammer to create several ‘channels’ for different purposes, so you don’t have to post to the entire organization all of the time.

Spending within budget

Microsoft 365 is billed per person, each month, similar to a subscription. The price of your licenses is determined by the degree of capability you select for your company.

The cost of each license is determined by the multiple enterprise levels, which comprise different applications and products. Paying per user, each month ensures a consistent outlay and allows you to plan your IT budget for the coming year. Upgrades are already included in the price of your licenses, so there are no hidden expenses to worry about, either.

Free upgrades

You’ll also get free access to the most recent versions of Office with Microsoft Office 365. You won’t have to uninstall and reinstall Office on everyone’s machines to obtain the latest and best features. Furthermore, Microsoft is continually updating features across all of its apps, and you’ll have access to those as well.

All of the main apps, like as Word, Excel, and Outlook, are included and may be used online without installing any software. The cost of purchasing new software is also eliminated because updates are included in your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Upgrades are performed automatically

All of the main apps, like as Word, Excel, and Outlook, are included and may be used online without installing any software. Upgrades occurs at specified times, so you don’t have to worry about being on the most recent version; it will happen automatically.

Continuity of operations

Your business may continue to run normally even if there is a disaster at the workplace because files are kept in the cloud and backed up on a regular basis. Your email, files, and data are all safely kept on the cloud, regardless of what happens to your physical devices. Individual emails or entire inboxes can be restored using Exchange’s recovery tools if necessary. If you use Microsoft Office 365, it may be business as usual in any situation.

Collaboration that is centralized

Through collaboration features, Microsoft Office 365 allows you to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and edit documents in real time.

Sharing calendars in Exchange allows you to know who in your company is available when, allowing you to organise meetings that are convenient for everyone the first time. Multiple users can access the same inbox with shared mailboxes, so messages can be filtered to land in the shared mailbox and not be missed.

Another important tool for facilitating cooperation is SharePoint. Any staff member can access and work on documents saved here, and they can be shared through email as a link. Multiple users can simultaneously edit documents saved in SharePoint, making co-authoring simple. Thanks to little coloured flags that identify each user, you can see who is in the document at any time and even where they’re working.

Microsoft Office 365 includes online versions of popular programmes like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Microsoft 365 offers an unrivalled breadth of functionality for any organisation. The monthly subscription model makes it easy for businesses to select a plan that fits their size and number of customers while continuing to function normally.

Automation of Intelligent Processes

When it comes to managing and changing processes, many businesses struggle. Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform provide you with ready-to-use web forms, workflow management, and data storage that help you automate business operations quickly. These solutions, which use Microsoft Teams and Dataverse to service the entire organization, span departments. And Microsoft 365 incorporates a variety of third-party applications; for example, you can use email to execute activities as part of your workflow.

Enterprise Search That Just Works

Users typically have to search through shared files and folders to retrieve the documents and information they’ve created, but this is a time-consuming and wasteful procedure because papers get lost in jumbled folders. Search functions are frequently more effective tools for finding and using content than browsing.

The enterprise search capabilities in Microsoft 365 have been fine-tuned and integrated within the platform to provide you with a robust and cost-effective search experience. They were developed over time for some of the world’s largest companies and fine-tuned before being integrated within the platform.

This search tool enhances document management, social content, communication, and collaboration by assisting users in quickly and simply locating content, increasing productivity and reducing duplication of work. Microsoft has also announced the ability to incorporate external content sources via built-in connectors and configurable choices.


Asia E-Pros is your local Malaysian expert in Microsoft Office 365 migrations. We have helped various businesses all over Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area to migrate and take advantage of Office 365’s competitive power. Don’t wait any longer.

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