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Backups and
Disaster Recovery

Gain confidence with reliable disaster recovery solutions to ensure that data remains intact no matter the circumstances.

// fully protected and always available The best in reliable data protection and disaster recovery

All of us have been affected by data loss at one time or another. Bugs, power supply failures, software or hardware failures can be a nightmare for any business owner and can result in data loss. The good news is that Asia E-Pros’s data protection and recovery solutions can ensure your business systems and data are fully protected and always available. So don’t panic just yet!
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of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss do not survive – 43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years.

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of businesses going through a data loss incident will shut down within the next six months after that.

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of businesses with less than 1,000 employees are forced to cease operations immediately after a ransomware attack.

Downtime equals money and
every minute lost adds up quickly.

// Set it and forget it Be prepared for any disaster

No, we’re not just talking about falling meteors or volcano eruptions. 

Data protection and backup is essential for any company seeking to keep its data secure. In today’s business world, your data is the single most valuable asset. Whether you’ve experienced an IT disaster or not, it’s only a matter of time.

In essence, data backup involves making exact copies of your files, databases, or entire computers. In the event of a natural disaster, cyber attack, or another disaster event, backing up your data protects you from losing everything. 

When disaster strikes, you’ll be glad to have Asia E-Pros provide state-of-the-art data backup and protection services. By partnering with the world’s leading cloud providers, we ensure your business stays afloat no matter what the circumstance. This is true business continuity.

// All-Encompassing Data Backup and Recovery Features

Peace Of Mind

Integrate backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity into one service. Retrieve any file, application, or database you need when the time comes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Your backups are being monitored 24x7x365 with human intervention and restoration. Periodic reporting lets you keep track of the work without having to handle it yourself.

Instant Recovery

A long power outage? Fraud? Fire? Our data backup solution deploys exact replicas of your local servers in just minutes so your team can quickly be back online.

Disaster Recovery Cloud

We offer a secure cloud that's purpose-built for disaster recovery. This is the only way to ensure you are protected during a site-wide or regional disaster.

Secure Data Storage

Data storage in the secure cloud and geographically diverse places ensures availability even in the event of a massive disaster.

Intelligent by Design

Invest in a backup and disaster recovery appliance to save on storage costs and improve recovery. Intelligent backups ensure that each file is not reduplicated to save space.

Our customers say

Enhance your organization’s productivity and efficiency with the help of our proactive IT services. The best time to upgrade is today.​ Click to see all our solutions.

// Documentation Rest assured knowing that your data is safe

Work with Asia E-Pros to get a data protection solution that is easy to deploy, powered by simplicity, and optimized with the high-speed performance needed to protect all different kinds of environments.

Be prepared for anything

Protect your company from unplanned disasters

Asia E-Pros offers a reliable and comprehensive disaster recovery and data backup solution. Your data can be backed up to both physical drives or off-site geo-redundant servers. You can be back in business in seconds (and not days or even weeks) with our backups. We make sure your critical data is available at all times.

Disaster recovery and backups

Asia E-Pros will not take chances with your business’s critical data. Our clients can rest assured that their data will be available at a moment’s notice and are always protected.

Useful backup and recovery tools for your business

Asia E-Pros offers comprehensive data protection for all your business files. Our partners include some of the most respected vendors in the industry to provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective backup solutions for your business.

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Why do I need data protection?

Nearly 70% of businesses lose their data within a short time and go out of business. They have to deal not only with the stolen data but also with the PR nightmare that can accompany this type of disaster. 

Even if there was no loss of customer information, clients often leave companies that have had their data compromised. The loss of trust in the business can often be more devastating than the actual data loss. It doesn’t matter how secure a business is or what security measures they have in place, if it’s known that they were attacked by hackers, it can be devastating for the business. Customers see only that hackers succeeded in attacking the business and begin to doubt the ability of the company to recover.

Even if your network was not attacked and your data wasn’t stolen, it is possible that your data was lost. Fire, earthquake, tornado or flood can all cause damage to your data and destroy your on-site servers. Questions to consider:

  • What should you do? 
  • What are your employees doing? 
  • What services are you able to offer clients if everything is lost? 

Although it’s easy to believe it won’t happen, it can lead to your company losing its entire business.

You don’t need to worry about what might happen to your business with Asia E-Pros’s business continuity, data protection, and disaster recovery plan. Our experts will review the key operations and functions of the company after meeting with all the relevant teams. We will create your business continuity plan using all this information. We can accurately predict the recovery times for all your systems following an incident by analyzing everything available to us. We can also help you quickly restore your data in any event by creating a backup strategy. 


Creating a business continuity plan for maximum uptime

Many businesses are at a loss for ideas on what to do when disaster events happen. They don’t know how to recover the data. Some don’t know the exact information that was stolen in the event of hacking. Upper-level managers spend time in meetings devising a plan, while employees wait and speculate about the future. Customers call to inquire about the safety of their data, and vendors and partners ask for status updates.

A business continuity plan can make sure that none of these things happen. Your executives won’t need to create a complete plan right away by working through different disaster scenarios and coming up with suitable solutions on the spot.

You can simply pull up your disaster recovery plan, and then execute it. Your company leadership will know exactly what to say, your employees will know which tasks they should focus on, and your talking points will be ready to create your own press releases outlining the situation and the response you are taking. There is no panic or feeling of losing control.

We’re small enough that we don’t need a disaster recovery plan

Many business owners, particularly those who have smaller businesses, believe that creating a business continuity plan for their business is a waste of time. They don’t view their business as a potential target for cyber-attacks. They are a small business that makes little money and don’t have a lot of consumer data, unlike multi-billion dollar corporations.

But here’s the thing: cyber-terrorists, hackers and other criminals often target smaller businesses because of this attitude. Small business owners are less likely to invest in their security and have no backup systems. It is much easier to attack them. 

Do not let the notion that you are small fool you. Even if the data isn’t sensitive, every business still requires data protection. Your company’s data is vital, including internal documents, processes and methods. You must ensure that your data is secure, have backups and be ready in case of a breach. In today’s constantly changing world of malware, hackers, and other malicious programs, it’s more about “when” than “if” hackers try to hack into your system.

Natural disasters can be just as devastating. Even if a tornado, earthquake or other natural disaster has not occurred in your area, it doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future. Changes in the world can lead to new types of disasters. No business is ever safe.

Our product partners

We use a various market-leading products such as StorageCraft, Veeam, Cibecs and more to help secure your data and recover it when needed. 

These next-generation data protection products allow our data protection solution to combine best-in-class data protection, backup and recovery, and enterprise scalability – all in one efficient managed services package. Besides being easy to deploy and manage, our solution also provides secure data protection, reduces application downtime, and improves productivity.

Why choose Asia E-Pros?

Youe disaster recovery plan should have contingencies for all your applications, data, servers, as well as your desktops, laptops, and other hardware. A single small vulnerability can lead to a cyberattack, bringing your operations to a halt. Your company will most likely be unable to proceed if you do not have everything backed up. And without a recovery plan in place, your downtime will result in serious costs.

This is why it’s important to select a suitable data protection provider near you (especially in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur areas) that can provide quality services at affordable rates. Below are some reasons why Asia E-Pros is up to the task:

1. End-to-end business continuity

We are able to put your continuity plans in place and step in if something unforeseen happens. Critical services will always remain operational, no matter what.

2. We’re flexible and capable

We implement customer-centric managed data protection solutions so that you can make rational and robust investments in both process and technology.

3. Experience with real-world situations

Our experts have extensive experience implementing managed data protection solutions from strategy, implementation, and road mapping.

4. Industry-driven

We have decades of experience aligning organizations with best-practice frameworks based on the type of business they are in.

Final Notes

You stand to lose everything when disaster strikes. Operations must be stopped. How will you serve your clients then? What will happen to your employees if you lose your physical workspace or digital files?

We provide continuity plans for businesses so that you can minimize downtime in the event of a catastrophic event. We meet with you to get to know your business and create a plan that will prepare you for any eventuality. 

Now is the best time to prepare for tomorrow’s events. Contact our team for disaster recovery services or a business continuity program that will ensure your success in the future, no matter what.


Ensure your important data is backed up right away. Don’t be caught unaware. To get started with backup and disaster recovery solutions for peace of mind and security of your information, contact us. 

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