Building Your Network Infrastructure

A network solution that is stable, resilient, and flexible enough for your future needs, while saving you money today.

Your business relies on your network infrastructure to function. It enables critical applications to run smoothly, secures sensitive data, and strengthens internal and external communication. 

The right network infrastructure boosts security, productivity, and reduces costs. To make all of that happen, you need a network that is flexible, resilient, and stable. 

Connect Groups

Connect your entire office for simple and effective info exchange

Fast & Reliable

Connectivity optimized for end users and applications

Simplified Security

Centralised security for applications distributed across modern networks

In today’s digital age, running a business smoothly requires a solid and secure network infrastructure. Without a reliable infrastructure in place, a company may suffer from a poor user experience that impacts employees or customers or protection issues that can affect employee productivity, increase costs or even damage your brand. A reliable network is the backbone that enables and empowers everything else you do by connecting every human, computing machine, and information resource within an organisation.

An fully integrated network infrastructure provides the following benefits:

Future-Proof Your Business

Our network solutions are designed to be scalable. This means that you can expand your business without redesigning your network all over again.

Lowered Costs

Secure networks reduce downtime and helps businesses optimize the allocation of resources across on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Increased Productivity

Modern networking can significantly improve employee productivity via streamlined collaboration to deploying private clouds with applications.

Your network is the hardware and software of your business that enables optimized communication, operations, and management.

LAN Switching

Switching technology improves the overall efficiency of local area networks and addresses bandwidth limitations.

WAN Optimizing

Asia E-Pros's WAN optimization complements today’s infrastructure, addressing network challenges without forcing unnecessary changes to your operations

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling can improve data transmission speed, network performance, power consumption, cost, etc, giving your company more network agility

Power Management
Cooling Systems
Wireless & Wi-Fi
Environmental Monitoring
Load Balancer
Network Management
Network Management
WAN Routing
Network Layer Monitoring

Our customers say

Implement enterprise-level network solutions and integrations that reduce operational costs and provide infinite ability to grow your business. 

Businesses employ networking solutions to create a safe and secure intelligent information network to operate in. An integrated network provides lower communications costs while enhancing productivity in the office. 

A reliable network is critical for today’s businesses; it is the infrastructure that enables and empowers everything else you do by connecting every human, computing machine, and information resource within an organisation.

Companies need their network to be designed with speed and reliability in mind, enabling their teams to be more effective and profitable while serving and collaborating with clients.

Why choose us as your network solution provider?

With nearly three decades of experience in the IT industry, Asia E-Pros has evolved right along with technology.

We are now known as one of the leading network support infrastructure consulting companies in Malaysia, specifically for businesses in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Rather than just selling you the latest and most expensive products, we work with your company to develop real unified solutions that address exactly what you need and nothing more.

mless that it’s almost as if it wasn’t even there!

Do I still need network solutions if I already have WiFi or use the Cloud?

You also need an adequate Internet connection, substantial firewalls, and proper device layouts if your business relies on WiFi or the Cloud for any part of your IT infrastructure. For quick business, these options are great, but they require a lot of bandwidth. You may be straining your current lines simply trying to do business each day if your network is old and outdated. 


Asia E-Pros has installed reliable, high-performance networks for over 30 years. We specialize in network solutions that fit your current workflow and are easy to upgrade or expand in the future.  

We provide solutions that are specifically designed for SME and enterprise businesses, helping you accomplish your growth goals and go beyond limitations to compete with larger competitors. Select the challenges you’re facing and see how Asia E-Pros can help you overcome them.

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