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Asia E-Pros is the IT partner of choice for many of Asia’s leading enterprises and SMEs. Leverage the power of technology today.

// Invest In Your Tomorrow Get The IT Results You've Been Looking For

Asia E-Pros is a Information Technology Partner of choice for many of Asia’s leading enterprises and SMEs. For the past 15 years, we’ve served companies from various industries, enabling them to reap the business benefits from the effective use of cloud, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, remote productivity and more.

We operate throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Get incredibly fast computer support & information technology services

Our meticulous attention to your technology ensures your safety in a world of cyber threats, obsolete hardware, and technical downtimes all year long.

Save more money & See Higher Revenues From Your Investments

We provide end-to-end computer support and information technology solutions at just a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

Providing your business with what it needs, before it needs it

Immediate, dependable, and affordable - we offer seriously powerful systems and service levels to give your business a competitive advantage.

// IT Solutions And Services What we do

At Asia E-Pros, we’re driven by discovering the right solution for you. We specialize in cloud infrastructure, unified communications, cybersecurity, service desk, and managed services.

Network infrastructure that connects your business to everything else.

Cloud infrastructure that is sustainably designed to enhance business productivity.

Enable your team to work together efficiently and more productively.

Data-driven intelligence to secure your organization against all latest threats.

Store, protect, and analyse your data with data infrastructure built for you.

We provide the best resources you need to stay on top of all your IT requirements.

Asia E-Pros has been trusted by customers throughout Malaysia for decades due to our skilled team of IT and Support Engineers, excellent track record, and reliable processes to implement IT solutions, run operations, and provide effective IT support. Take advantage of our experience for your benefit.  

// These are Businesses we help every single day Who needs our IT services?

Companies with overburdened IT staff

An IT department that is stretched too thin will not be able to perform reliably. This is where outsourced IT from Asia E-Pros can help.

Companies who want to save cost

We offer top-of-the-line IT services at a cost that is affordable for small and medium-sized companies, but at the same time not compromising on quality.

Companies That Want More security over Their data

With cyberattacks rampant across the globe, companies are faced with the uncertainty of "Will I Be Next"? Asia E-Pros seeks to erase that question.

Companies looking to scale operations

All our offered solutions are designed to reduce overhead costs while allowing heightened flexibility and increased scalability for every kind of business.

Companies Lacking confidence in Their current MSP

We are a suitable pick for businesses that may have outgrown their current IT partner; or maybe those who are simply tired of unreliable IT vendors.

Companies Constantly Affected By Downtimes

Our services can benefit IT managers who seek better peace of mind so they can concentrate on growing real investments that produce results.

Sounds familiar? It is likely that your company has experienced at least one or more of these problems. At Asia E-Pros, we are committed to doing what’s best for our clients. We aim to provide more than just technology – we want to be a trusted partner to support you as you overcome business challenges, now and in the future. 

// Invest In Your Tomorrow Why Do Our Customers Pick Us?

Our strategic approach and IT roadmap’s form the foundations to accelerate your IT transformation journey and ensure your business is securely equipped to operate efficiently, as you change and grow.

// Simple steps for transformation So, what's next?

You don’t have to struggle with IT. We manage the entire lifecycle of technology within an established framework 31 years in the making – eliminating variability and making technology a consistent success. Getting started with IT is easy. The question is, are you ready to take the leap?

1. Let's Discuss

Our senior engineers perform an audit and recommends solutions and an IT strategy to achieve your business goals.

2. System Intergration

Our team will address your IT issues and implement solutions that work best for your organization.

3. Ongoing Monitoring

We constantly monitor and respond to alerts and outages. Our helpdesk is also available 24/7.

Talk To A Malaysian IT Professional

Speak with an Asia E-Pros professional today at +603-3358 9932 or fill in the form below. You can also reach us here.